2016 VIEW FROM THE TOP: AgilData

View from the Top by Dan Lynn, CEO

AgilData provides solutions and services to help firms deliver on the promise of Big Data and scale complex MySQL data infrastructures. AgilData provides seamlessly integrated best-of breed Big Data solutions for BI analytics, data pipeline orchestration, data wrangling and event processing. We partner with firms to transform their engineering practice, shorten development cycles, reduce their ops load and leverage data assets to build new value streams.

AgilData delivers data strategies to help global brands, Startups and Enterprises develop custom applications and scalable Big Data solutions to drive BI, analytics, machine modeling and custom applications using technologies like Hadoop, Spark, Storm, Kudu, Redshift, Alooma, Chartio, Arcadia Data. As an Agile company with an agile engagement model based on two week iterations and we actively contribute to the open source community.

As a leading MySQL database solution to scale data, AgilData Scalable Cluster for MySQL helps MySQL operators meet the demands of reliability, scale, replication, streaming and performance for business critical applications. Available as Enterprise Support Subscription Licenseand with Remote Managed Service for complete whiteglove DBA staff augmentation, AgilData Scalable Cluster for MySQL is the low cost standard MySQL scaling solution.

 Developers of applications based on MySQL need a low-cost and reliable solution to immediately scale existing MySQL databases without impacting the application, allowing them to focus on developing application features. Our fully managed Scalable Cluster for MySQL allows developers to delegate ongoing DBA costs while gaining all the benefits from having 24×7 experts running your data infrastructure.


Dan Lynn,