2016 VIEW FROM THE TOP: BackOffice Associates


As the amount of data created increases, so do the complex data challenges large enterprises are confronted with. These challenges can have a direct impact on the quality of an organization’s data, and that data quality directly impacts business performance and profitability. It is because of these trends that there is so much interest in data management solutions and innovative information governance programs.

At BackOffice Associates, we understand that next-generation information governance is necessary to maximize the value of an enterprise’s data assets, as well as improve the efficiency of business processes and increase the overall value of the organization. To do this, you need to embrace the next wave in data stewardship with products and solutions that not only guide but also empower your organization to turn data into a business value.

Our vast experience in working with the largest organizations in complex industries such as manufacturing, life sciences and retail has helped us craft a product strategy that scales to meet the demands of any industry. Coupling our products with SAP solutions for enterprise information management clearly propels our offerings into an industry leadership position for companies seeking information governance and data quality excellence with cost, value and efficiency in mind.

We have and will continue to successfully help these organizations and others utilize strategic data quality initiatives to support their critical business processes and decisions now and well into the future.

BackOffice Associates