2016 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Compuware


Enterprises have invaluable intellectual capital residing on their mainframes in the form of data and business logic. Leveraging this treasure trove of corporate IP is an imperative if enterprises are to serve effectively in the new digital economy. This, however, is proving a formidable challenge as experienced mainframers retire, leaving the stewardship of mainframe data and applications to a new generation of developers, who are unfamiliar with the platform.

Mainframe-hosted applications and data must be continuously adapted to work in concert with a growing plethora of Web and mobile apps, so businesses can improve the digital customer experience in preferred ways. But how can mainframe-inexperienced developers work with unfamiliar, highly involved and evolved mainframe applications and perform data related tasks with confidence and excellence?

Compuware’s offerings “mainstream the mainframe,” so that any developer can understand and work with mainframe applications and data in ways that are different only in syntax from other platforms. As the world’s leading mainframe-dedicated software company, Compuware is laser-focused on enabling mainframe DevOps by delivering new software and integrations every 90 days.

Discovery and visualization solution Topaz, for example, enables next-gen mainframe developers to manipulate enterprise data and applications with greater agility, speed and confidence to better meet the demands of mobile and analytics and create a preferred customer experience.

 By equipping next-gen developers-the mainframe stewards of tomorrow—with tools that are familiar and intuitive, Compuware is ensuring mainframe applications and data remain essential business assets for generations to come.

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