2016 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Datavail


What does “DevOps” really mean? Can its scope and application be confined to a single definition that will last through the years? Or, like the very industry in which it’s applied, does it evolve and change over time?

In my last visit to the Cloud Expo/ DevOps Conference, it became apparent that DBA life is continuing to evolve and “DevOps” has yet to establish a foothold as a formally adopted methodology. Despite this, the importance of implementing a carefully crafted DevOps program in your enterprise is essential to the evolution and maturation of your application lifecycle approach.

 A critical aspect of this evolution is an investment in automation. When standardized and repetitive operations tasks like testing and release management are automated, consistent and high-quality execution is a given. This means that DBA life as we knew it has expanded-in large part due to DevOps. The end result is synchronicity between development and deployment that empowers the developer, delivers software faster, and diminishes the opportunity for error.

As the state of software development evolves and new technology changes the way we approach our industry, your organization’s IT strategy should follow suit. Datavail is on the cusp of this rapidly emerging practice, offering 24x7 DevOps consultation and support that encompasses every aspect of the convergence of database administration and software development. Visit to see how we can help you implement DevOps and achieve automation in your organization today.