2016 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Ntirety, a Division of HOSTING


My first foray into the realm of Oracle occurred over 30 years ago with Oracle version 3. Today, just as then, there is a critical need for the technologist to ensure that the database runs optimally and that the information held within the database is safe and secure. Information technology’s antiquity limited the companies to directly hired staff or expensive consultants when considering options for management of the database. Managed Database Services companies such as Ntirety had yet to be conceived.

Today, hourly consultants still thrive. However, a more optimal option to consider may be that of partnering with Ntirety, which, through our “On Demand” services, allows you to have access to the right technologist, empowered with the right technology, at the right time. You can use expert DBA services for a short-term, simple task or an extended and long-term project. You can also choose from an array of fixed-price Database Administration as a Service® plans, or purchase “On-Demand” services “by the drink” to fit any needs or budget.

Partnering with Microsoft, our parent company, HOSTING, now offers “Database-as-a-Service,” or a portion of a “Database-as-a-Service” for a little or as long as you need. So, if you just want the database, and not the management option, we offer that, too.

At Ntirety, we discovered that by maintaining a U.S.-based DBA team and leveraging technology, we could empower our DBAs to deliver more efficiently, thereby offsetting the apparent competitive disadvantage in required compensation. Those efforts have proven wildly successful. Using Ntirety’s award-winning technologies, such as Nspect™ and Ntrust®, 55% of the challenges that required human intervention are now resolved automatically through our methodology of “self-healing technology.”This approach has resulted in quicker response times for our clients and, ultimately, a higher quality service. By discovering the more effective path and taking “the raised floor less traveled” we are able to offer a very competitive price with extremely high quality results.

As Ntirety moves forward, we will continue to enhance our proprietary technology to ensure our clients’ databases run optimally and their data is always safe and secure. We will continue to embrace the concept of “On-Demand” services so our customers are able to acquire the precise services they need from us when, and only when, they need those services.

Ntirety, a Division of HOSTING