2016 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Pythian


Pythian excels at helping companies adopt and manage disruptive technologies to better compete.

The cloud promises agility, cost flexibility, availability, and elasticity, but moving your applications to the cloud is not always straightforward. Most enterprise applications rely on monolithic architecture and have certain characteristics that make them difficult to migrate to the cloud. These features also make it challenging to take advantage of the benefits touted by cloud vendors.

Pythian has more than 19 years’ experience planning, implementing, and managing IT infrastructures and we understand the challenges of moving enterprise systems to the cloud. We have helped organizations migrate applications to the cloud and achieve an optimized IT infrastructure that is agile, cost-effective, scalable, flexible, and elastic. Our cloud transformation services include:

  • Strategy development that includes assessing your current architecture, business needs, and future growth requirements
  • Application migration from legacy to cloud environments
  • Application re-platforming
  • Application lifecycle optimization
  • Ongoing operations management of the application, data, and infrastructure in the cloud.

We recently developed a cloud architecture for a major gaming company, enabling them to:

  • Reduce release rates from monthly to twice daily
  • Reduce mobile load time by 90%, for huge performance improvements
  • Cut marginal cost per user per month by 30%

Our expertise in extreme scale, high availability, and advanced automation lowers your deployment risk and decreases your time to market. Our experts are certified in the three major public cloud platforms. As top-level partners with Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure, we guarantee we’ll find the best solution for your business. Before making changes to your organization’s IT strategies and adopting new deployment and maintenance models, contact us.