2016 VIEW FROM THE TOP: RedPoint Global


We are reaching a tipping point in which nearly every business decision will be driven by data. As a result, every organization will need to pay particular attention to the quality of their data. Without data quality, you can’t make truly informed business decisions.

 RedPoint Data Management™ simplifies the complexity of harnessing data to drive business growth. With RedPoint, you can capture, transform, cleanse, integrate and link all of your data, no matter where it resides or where it needs to go. Data Management works across traditional databases and emerging big data frameworks, including Hadoop, without needing any specialized programming skills.

Data-driven organizations understand the value of deploying a single data management tool that integrates all these capabilities through a graphical drag / drop UI. It enables business users, those most familiar with data use cases, to play active and, even, self-service roles in preparing aggregations for consumption by analytics and legacy applications. RedPoint Data Management delivers unique value in loading big data, integrating it with primary data, and achieving high quality in probabilistic matching and master key management.

RedPoint customers are maximizing value from their data, as demonstrated in Gartner’s latest Critical Capabilities for Data Quality Tools report, where RedPoint received the highest score in both the Data Integration and Operational/Transactional Data Quality Use Case categories. RedPoint also received the second-highest scores in Data Migration, Big Data & Analytics and Master Data Management; and the third highest score in Information Governance Initiatives.

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