2016 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Reltio


Modern Data Management Powers a New Generation of Data-driven Applications.

 Today’s data management and analytics landscape is more complex than ever. With so much cloud technology available, at a fraction of the cost of heavyweight on premise tools, you would think life would be easier for IT, and business would be able to stop resorting to self-service ways of getting the information they need. Yet a disconnect remains between IT efforts and business agility.

Fortunately a new wave of modern data management Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings are now available (Read Constellation Research’s latest report). These platforms start with a reliable data foundation with built-in Master Data Management (MDM). No longer a separate expensive and siloed endeavor, todays modern PaaS deliver MDM as a seamless, integral part of an overall platform that leads to relevant, contextual analytics, and ultimately business-user facing recommended actions through data-driven applications.

The essential characteristics of a modern PaaS include:

  • MDM as a foundational core with fast time to value and personalized context (Read ForrestersMDM Q1 2016 Wave)
  • Multi-tenant Cloud with low TCO, no impact upgrades, with immediate access to new technology, 3+ times a year
  • Integrated Data as a Service (DaaS), with third party data pre-loaded, available on demand
  • Big data scale, with a commercial graph foundation (Read Forrester’s report “To Graph or not to Graph”)

Ultimately a modern PaaS needs to deliver business applications with the ease-of-use, and role-based guided assistance to users, much like how Facebook, LinkedIn and even Amazon is tailored to your needs. Evolving to the next generation PaaS and data-driven apps is easier than you think. Visit to take this quick assessment to see where you stand.