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With the growing appreciation of data as a valuable resource and the pressure on organizations to become data-driven, the role of database administration has become more critical than ever, and database administrators are increasingly appreciated for the critical role they play in delivering value to the organizations. Key concerns as far as database administration are availability, security, and integration across a variety of data types and storage mechanism so that analysts and business users are empowered to be able uncover key insights when they need it. It’s a lot to think about, and that is why strong database administration solutions are highly valued.

The bottom line is that database administration is a paramount concern while maintaining and optimizing database management systems has never been as important or as complex. Today, it involves far more than simply ensuring the high performance of a set of homogenous databases.  

As organizations try to gain competitive advantage by using information from a range of interconnected networks, data systems and applications, the challenge is to manage routine day-to-day operations, maintain availability and security, as well as provide alerts and insights when something has gone drastically wrong with mission-critical database applications.

According to a recent Unisphere Research survey conducted in partnership with EMC among members of the Independent Oracle Users Group, more efficient approaches to data management are required so that more time, money, and resources overall can be directed toward increasing innovation and putting data to work.

While many companies still address demanding database and data center requirements by adding hardware, including storage arrays and servers, the survey finds that there is also an increasing awareness that more innovative approaches can heighten efficiency and create more value for their organizations. Consolidation, automation, and virtualization are three key approaches that respondents cited as critical initiatives in terms of their organizations’ data management.

Implementing a standardized approach for infrastructure across databases was also seen by respondents as a playing a major role in the reduction of routine, repetitive tasks; improving application performance and reliability; and in decreasing costs.

The survey also found that there is a growing appreciation for consolidation of databases to gain efficiencies and savings, with more universal approaches to handling the database portfolio being seen as highly beneficial.

Fortunately, there are tools and automated solutions to help make the job easier and more predictable for DBAs and data professionals handling an increasing load of responsibilities for their organizations.



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