Attunity CloudBeam for Amazon Web Services Now Commercially Available

Attunity Ltd., a provider of information availability software solutions, has officially launched Attunity CloudBeam, a fully-managed data transfer SaaS platform for Amazon Web Services (AWS) Simple Storage Service (S3). With its beta completed, the high-performance data transfer solution was unveiled and demonstrated live at the AWS re: Invent Customer and Partner Conference from in Las Vegas, NV.  “This is aimed at folks today that are using AWS or will be using AWS for all kinds of use cases where data is core to their strategy,” Matt Benati, vice president of Global Marketing at Attunity, tells DBTA.  

“All these use cases demand the movement of data and it really has to be a frictionless movement of data at scale. That is what Attunity does best,” says Benati, noting that ingesting the data quickly and at scale is a critical issue.  “Our 20 years in the industry moving data of all kinds, structured and unstructured, to and from different types of servers, has really enabled Attunity to launch CloudBeam in a very robust manner. We are ready today at scale to move enterprise and SMB data to AWS.”

Attunity CloudBeam is designed to move data to, from, and between cloud environments quickly and reliably for AWS customers. The solution enables business users to seamlessly upload data to AWS S3 while providing the IT team with a means to ensure control and security. According to Attunity, users right-click to load files and folders from the desktop to AWS S3. Users can also replicate data between AWS S3 regions, without the need to install, configure or manage any software, supporting initiatives including disaster recovery and content availability.

In addition to the commercially-available services, Attunity CloudBeam is also providing additional services in beta - uploading data to the cloud, and replicating data to and from the cloud. Enterprises can upload any type of file to AWS S3 using two solutions now in beta. A Managed File Transfer solution provides businesses with an automated method for uploading information to the cloud. Uploads can be scheduled, data can be pulled from multiple sources, and every transfer can be audited for security and compliance purposes. In addition, a Command Line Interface (CLI) enables ISVs, solution providers and IT developers to easily build custom scripts and applications that load data to AWS S3. Transfers between on-premises systems and cloud data repositories can be automated, while offering users scale, performance and security. In addition, to enable replication to and from the cloud, a third beta solution enables automatic and continuous replication of on-premises big data, files and folders - to and from AWS S3 data repositories, supporting critical initiatives - including content availability, backup, and disaster recovery.

Attunity CloudBeam provides two major advantages to customers, says Benati. “Attunity’s service CloudBeam handles all of the infrastructure in the cloud. We own it, we provision it, it is elastic, leveraging AWS resources - so any and all customers don’t have to worry about provisioning that infrastructure. And this is a huge savings because even if you go to the cloud, many times, you are building your own infrastructure and just like in a traditional data center, you have to build that infrastructure to handle peak loads and so called worst case scenarios. With CloudBeam, we elastically increase or decrease the infrastructure dedicated to your transfer operation at the moment you need it and you never have to worry about it. That is a very big differentiator and a huge benefit to customers.  The second piece is performance. We are very high performance in moving the information and it is critical when you are talking about moving gigabytes and terabytes of information.”

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