Awesome Companies in AI 2023

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Helping enterprises put AI into action, IBM offers an expansive portfolio of business-grade AI products and analytics solutions designed to accelerate AI adoption, establish a robust data foundation, optimize business outcomes, and empower responsible AI usage.

KX is the innovator behind KDB.AI, a powerful knowledge-based vector database and search engine that allows developers to produce scalable, reliable, and real-time applications supported by advanced search, recommendation, and personalization for AI applications.

Monte Carlo
Preventing enterprises from settling for unreliable data, Monte Carlo’s data observability platform guarantees the validity of data flowing through pipelines, ensuring that any AI solution is being fed with robust, reliable data.

As pioneers in graph technology, Neo4j’s graph database and analytics offerings surface and analyze relationships in connected data to increase ML model accuracy and empower contextual AI, allowing enterprises to make better predictions with the data they already have.

NVIDIA, powered by more than 200 scientists around the globe, makes strides in enterprise versatility and insights through a variety of innovations—including the AI supercomputer, AI platform software, and AI models and services—designed to drive optimized AI workflows.

Building category-leading software that activates LLMs, unlocks real-time connectivity between data, empowers AI-based decision making, and enables continuous deployment, Palantir propels the creation and governance of AI in the enterprise across both public and private networks.

Salesforce builds the bridge between companies and customers, offering AI Cloud, a purpose-built solution for Customer 360 that combines AI, data, and CRM (customer relationship management), as well as numerous generative AI models that address varying team-based needs.

Snowflake enables organizations to prepare data and build ML models with ease through its Data Cloud platform—built from the ground-up to support ML- and AI-driven data science applications, offering fast data access and elastically scalable data processing for Python and SQL.

Text IQ
Now part of Relativity, the data accessibility and organization company, Text IQ extracts relationship information from unstructured data, enabling enterprises to automatically identify and secure personal information, adhere to global privacy regulations, and prevent data breaches.

TrendMiner, a Software AG Company
TrendMinder is an intuitive, web-based, self-service analytics platform that allows manufacturing operational teams to analyze, monitor, and predict operational performance, further enabling operators to easily search and question their process data directly, without the need for a data scientist.

Zilliz is a leading vector database company for enterprise-ready AI built by the engineers who created Milvus, the world's most popular open-source vector database.

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