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Today, there is a wide range of big data technologies helping organizations reap the benefits of the massive data volumes available to their companies.

Until recently, most data was generated for a single objective and difficult to repurpose. Much of it even ended up stored on tapes that were rarely if ever accessed. The bottom line is that it was difficult for decision makers to get to all the information they needed. But today, new tools, platforms, and technologies are changing all that.

A recent Unisphere Research study, “2018 Next-Generation Data Deployment Strategies,” explored the current data technology initiatives, including data lakes, machine learning, Hadoop, Spark, and object storage, and the platforms and environments that are supporting them.

These distinct technologies are interacting with each other, converging and paving the way to data-driven enterprises.

The survey uncovered a number of key trends, including that data lakes are continuing to grow; Spark is moving toward the mainstream; machine learning is catching on; and object storage is gaining traction.

Another recent Unisphere report, “DBAs Face New Challenges: Trends In Database Administration,” also noted that companies are now managing massive amounts of data and, as a result, support a high number of database instances. Nearly 60% of the respondents to the survey have more than 100TB of structured data under management with data spread over many database instances. More than 40% of the respondents have more than 100 database instances running. Close to 20% said they have more than 500 database instances in operation.  The survey found that organizations are using an array of database systems.

To leverage the power of their data, organizations need a solid strategy that incorporates everything—from security to data governance to the right technologies.

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