Best Data Governance Solution

Strong data governance solutions support data quality, protect sensitive data, promote effective sharing of information, and help manage information through its lifecycle from creation to deletion with adherence to regulatory and government requirements.

As organizations gather, store, and access increasing volumes of data, strong data governance allows them to have confidence in the quality of that data for a variety of tasks as well adhere to security and privacy standards.

These days there are four important approaches to this area that include embracing automation, preparing for new EU GDPR standards, using data sharing to mitigate fraud, and considering the role of analytics in data governance.

Effective data governance improves the usability, integrity, and security of enterprise data.

Best Data Governance Solution

BackOffice Associates Data Stewardship Platform

Rex AhlstromWinners' Circle by Rex Ahlstrom, Chief Strategy and Technology Officer, BackOffice Associates

For the third year in a row, we are honored to be the DBTA Readers’ Choice Award recipient for Best Data Governance Solution. As the data-connected marketplace evolves and expands, BackOffice Associates remains ahead of the curve in delivering premier information governance and data stewardship solutions for world-class on.



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