Best Data Mining Solution

As data grows, organizations are looking for ways to dig up insights from underneath layers of information.

Data mining solutions provide the tools that enable them to view those hidden gems and facilitate better understanding of new business opportunities, competitive situations, and complex challenges.

Supporting intelligent decision making, data mining solutions offer intuitive interfaces to enable users to uncover patterns in data, including insight into customers’ buying habits, detection of fraud, potential business opportunities and problems that might otherwise remain obscured.

Data mining software analyzes relationships and patterns in stored transaction data based on open-ended user queries.

Data mining solutions can detect anomalies in a system, use association learning to make recommendations, detect clusters, classify algorithms of data, and can construct predictive models based on many variables.

Here are the winners of the 2016 DBTA Readers’ Choice Awards for Best Data Mining Solution


Teradata Warehouse Miner


Oracle Advanced Analytics

IBM SPSS Modeler

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The 2016 DBTA Readers' Choice Award Winners

Posted August 03, 2016