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Unplanned downtime, never desirable in the past, today represents more than just an inconvenience. It carries packs a punch – with the potential to land a serious blow to a business, with potentially lethal effects.

According to a recent survey of 331 data managers and professionals conducted by Unisphere Research, a division of Information Today, Inc., at least 43% of respondents say that the majority of their company data must have high availability. The survey, sponsored by EMC among members of the Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG), revealed that unplanned downtime has a cost to businesses which includes lost productivity (54%), as well as customer confidence (33%). The survey showed that on average businesses lost one day per year to downtime, and one in seven has had what they describe as “severe data losses.”

To avoid these challenges to data availability, many organizations are turning to the cloud and virtualization, the survey found.

The large amount of time and organizational resources that must be devoted to maintenance of databases and data centers it taking a toll on organizations that are looking to advance their services impacting their competitiveness as well as productivity.

The survey found that although many companies are still trying to deal with database and data center inefficiencies by adding hardware, some are turning to more innovative approaches that incorporate consolidation, automation and virtualization for their modern enterprise architectures. In addition, in a move to expand beyond database silos organized by brand, companies are increasingly embracing more universal approaches to managing across their entire

Today there are database performance solutions that with lightning speed can help improve performance by identifying performance problems that affect user response times, correlating response times with additional metrics, and helping data professionals visualize trends for analysis of database performance over specified periods of time. With database environments constantly  expanding, automated capabilities are required today to maintain the highest performance and order to free up data experts from routine, low level tasks so they can focus their time an energy on  activities that will deliver more value to their organize and help them evolve into enterprises that put their data to work.



SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer 

Winners' Circle by Gerardo Dada, VP, Product Marketing, SolarWinds

Applications are heart of all critical business functions and an essential component to nearly everyone’s job, affecting productivity, job satisfaction and ultimately revenue. In fact, a SolarWinds survey of business end users found that 93 percent said application performance and availability affects their ability to do their job ... read on.


Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c

SQL Sentry PowerSuite

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