Best In-Memory Solution

In-memory technology has become a relied-upon part of the data world, now available through most major database vendors. In-memory can process workloads up to 100 times faster than disk-to-memory configurations, which enables business at the speed of thought.

In-memory databases and technologies enable decision makers to get to the information they are seeking rapidly and more readily.

While in-memory technology has been on the market for many years, today, the demand for intelligent, interactive experiences requires back-end systems and applications operating at high performance, and incorporating movement and delivery of data faster than ever before.

According to a recent Unisphere-AWS survey, over the next 3 years, 60% of IT managers, DBAs, and C-level executives expect to store more data in the cloud than on-premise. In addition, the use of NoSQL platforms, including document, graph, columnar, and in-memory, which are still in the relatively early days of adoption, will also see an increase, spurred by new applications for the technology and an increased availability of skills and expertise.

In-memory enables enterprises to run applications faster; reduce staff time spent on manual administrative tasks; run both transactional and analytical data in the same space; make real-time enterprise a reality;  widen access to data analytics across the enterprise; and support greater numbers of users.

Best In-Memory Solution

Couchbase Server




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