Big Data Analytics Vendor Pentaho Announces Tighter Integration with Cloudera; Extends Visual Interface to Include Hadoop Sqoop and Oozie

Pentaho’s Business Analytics 4.5 is now certified on Cloudera’s latest releases, Cloudera Enterprise 4.0 and CDH4. 

Pentaho also announced that its visual design studio capabilities have been extended to the Sqoop and Oozie components of Hadoop. “Hadoop is a very broad ecosystem. It is not a single project,” Ian Fyfe, chief technology evangelist at Pentaho, tells DBTA.  “At the core of Hadoop, you have got MapReduce and the Hadoop File System, but around it you have got other projects. Sqoop is short for SQL for Hadoop, a utility for connecting Hadoop to SQL databases, so you can load data in either direction – from Hadoop or from a SQL database. And Oozie is a workflow tool that allows you to set up job scheduling and job workflows.”

With Pentaho Business Analytics 4.5, says Fife, Pentaho is now extending its visual interface to cover Sqoop and Oozie so instead of users having to configure XML files or write code, they can now do that through Pentaho’s point-and-click interface using the same tool as for the rest of Hadoop. “Sqoop and Oozie are shipped as part of Cloudera’s distribution so that is an important part of our support for Cloudera as well – providing that visual support which nobody else in the market does today.”

The additional support for Sqoop and Oozie builds on Pentaho’s existing visual development studio capabilities for data ingestion, manipulation and integration as well as orchestration of tasks across Hadoop and many other data sources and applications.

“A major part of what Pentaho brings to Hadoop is ease of use through a point-and-click visual interface so you don’t have to write a line of code,” says Fyfe.  “You can do everything you need to do to get data into Hadoop manipulate that that data within Hadoop and then do analytics on that data in Hadoop through our visual interface - without writing a single line of code. That makes Hadoop much, much more accessible to mainstream IT, mainstream corporate America.”

By optimizing and certifying Pentaho for Cloudera Enterprise 4.0 and the open source version,CDH4, Pentaho and Cloudera aim to provide enterprises with a tightly integrated, quality assured environment that significantly accelerates their ability to do data analytics with Hadoop.

What the new certification means for joint customers, “is that they can be sure that everything works together. There are no incompatibilities - and should they come across an issue, we will fix it,” says Fyfe, noting that the new Cloudera release was announced just a few weeks ago. “We believe we are one of the first vendors to officially go through that certification process and be officially supported on that platform.”

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