Catch One of the Many IOUG Sessions at Oracle OpenWorld 2018

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2018 is an exciting year for Oracle OpenWorld, with as much change in the event format as there is in the technology.

The Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG) will be well represented in the Content Catalog, as over 20 members are scheduled to present on the hot topics for data professionals.IOUG speakers will represent the full spectrum of the Oracle community; from the database specialist, to the IT generalist, to the independent consultant, to the Oracle partner.

This diverse group of elite professionals gives the attendee unique and varied perspectives on Oracle technologies and how they fit in with enterprise IT. IOUG speakers bring their real-world experiences of managing Oracle technologies in their day-to-day roles as well as their view of industry disruption on their organizations.

As a majority of IOUG's members identify as Oracle Database Professionals, it should come as no surprise that many of the sessions will focus on Oracle's flagship product. 

  • Charles Kim and Jerry Ward will discuss Oracle Database 12.2 and 18c New Features while Arsalan Dehghanisariyarghan and Maryam Kaed dive deep into Oracle Database 12c to show effective ways to speed up queries.

While the traditional in-house databases aren't going anywhere soon, the rise of the cloud database is a hot topic among IOUG membership. 

  • Michael Gangler will share his experience as a customer upgrading to Oracle Database 12cR2 in the cloud. 
  • Francisco Munoz Alvarez and Michelle Malcher will discuss migration to and security in the cloud respectively.
  • Arup Nanda will present real-world DBA best practices for the cloud, showing how your current skills translate into today’s hybrid environments.

Oracle Database has traditionally been confined to bare metal and virtual machine platforms, but is now increasingly finding its way into container architectures as well. 

  • Anton Els will provide an introduction to running Oracle Database in Docker containers.
  • Martin Knazovicky ventures into the DevOps space, showing how to Docker-ize Oracle sandboxes on-premises and in the cloud.

There’s still more!

  • If you feel like expanding beyond standard Oracle Database features, John Tao, Kai Yu, and Tariq Farooq are happy to oblige with their presentation on achieving massive scalability and total fault isolation through Oracle Sharding.
  • Perhaps you want to see something not database related, but certainly relevant in an increasingly mobile world by attending Tim Gruidl's presentation on the rise of the bot army with Oracle Mobile Cloud Enterprise.

Going to OpenWorld?  I strongly encourage you to attend as many of these sessions as you can; IOUG is proud to partner with Oracle to bring you the highest quality directly from the IOUG user community. 

IOUG provides a full week of this kind of content at COLLABORATE 19, which will take place April 7-11, 2019 in San Antonio, TX. This is where many of the top customer, Oracle and industry expert speakers will share their best practices and advice on how to react to the announcements you’ll see in San Francisco.

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