Cloudera and MongoDB Partner to Demistify Big Data for Customers

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Hadoop vendor Cloudera and NoSQL company MongoDB recently announced that they are partnering to help customers leverage their technologies in support of big data strategies. The MongoDB Connector for Hadoop is now certified on Cloudera Enterprise 5, and the companies are working on additional collaboration on a number of levels. 

Here, Kelly Stirman, director of product at MongoDB, and Yuri Bukhan, director, ISV alliances at Cloudera, discuss what the new partnership will mean for the big data ecosystem in the future. According to Stirman, MongoDB and Cloudera, two of the most popular technologies in big data, have a significant overlap in their customer base. The two companies will work together to enable companies to build more applications that can leverage the two systems, notes Bukhan.

DBTA: What are the tangible results of this partnership now and what can customers expect?

Kelly Stirman: For some time now our customers have been telling us that they are using these technologies together and that we should be working together to make their lives easier. Our opportunity as software organizations is to improve the experience of users who are using MongoDB and Cloudera to help them accomplish more in their business with these technologies.

The relationship has come together very naturally as a reflection of the interests of our customers, and also as a reflection of a clear complementary combination of two technologies, and the third important ingredient is that there were significant executive relationships in place that allowed us to get the right people together very quickly and to put this partnership in place.

DBTA: There is now a MongoDB connector for Cloudera?

KS: There are multiple levels to the partnership and it is important to know that it is early on. There are many things still to come but where we are starting is by getting the key strategic thinkers within both organizations working together on how the technologies can become more complementary,  and easier for our customers to use. The first step is certifying the MongoDB connector for Cloudera’s Enterprise 5 but there are more things that we planning to do in the future and we are planning to talk about those more at MongoDB World in June. In addition to the technology, there are joint go-to-market opportunities for both companies and other things in the future but there was really an interest in getting the word out right away that we are intending to work together and to work with our customers to help move this relationship forward.

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