Cool Companies in Cognitive Computing for 2018

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Progress – Offering a platform for developing and deploying mission-critical business applications, Progress empowers enterprises and ISVs to build and deliver cognitive-first applications that harness big data to derive business insights and competitive advantage.

RapidMiner – Providing a software platform for data science teams that unites data prep, ML, and predictive model deployment, RapidMiner helps organizations build ML models and put them into production faster than ever, using its lightning fast visual workflow designer and automated modeling capabilities.

Saffron Technology (part of Intel) – Inspired by human reasoning, Intel Saffron Cognitive Solutions seeks to extend the capabilities of the human brain to use information to anticipate what will happen next and how to prepare for it, at scales that far exceed human memory, enabling a comprehensive landscape of actionable knowledge for faster, more informed and more accurate decision making.

SAP –Supporting businesses and public sector organizations in their digital innovation strategies, SAP provides Conversational AI that comes with NLP technology, and has created the SAP Leonardo ML Foundation that connects developers, partners, and customers to ML technology through the SAP Cloud Platform.

SAS – With AI an integral part of SAS software for years, SAS now provides AI solutions across the SAS portfolio that incorporate ML, computer vision, natural learning, NLP, and forecasting and optimization technologies to help unlock new possibilities.

Sinequa - An independent software vendor providing a cognitive search and analytics platform for Global 2000 companies and government agencies, Sinequa combines search with advanced NLP, ML, and deep learning algorithms to extract insight from both structured and unstructured data for users in their work context.

SparkCognition – With a mission to build AI systems to advance the most important interests of our society, SparkCognition helps customers to weave AI into the fabric of their organizations so that human-level intelligence can be applied at machine scale to optimize operations and find new solutions to old problems.

Tamr – Founded in 2013 by Vertica’s founding CEO Andy Palmer and Turing Award winner and MIT professor Michael Stonebraker, Tamr provides a patented software platform for enterprise-scale data unification that combines ML with human expertise—fusing the power of ML with the experts’ knowledge of their own data to automate the rapid unification of data silos at scale. 

TIBCO – With data visualizations and predictive analytics, reporting, and dashboards embedded within key applications, and streaming analytics combining real-time connectivity with analytical insights, TIBCO provides a wide range of analytics technologies to enable digital business initiatives.

Zylotech – Providing a self-learning customer data platform powered by AI, Zylotech helps automate complicated and time-consuming work involved in analyzing and executing marketing, uses the force of AI and ML to establish how best to engage with customers, and  offers a data analytics dashboard to enable an interactive, visual understanding of customers.

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