DBTA 100 2015 - The Companies That Matter Most in Data

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HP (Hewlett-Packard Company)
Meg Whitman, CEO & President

With a broad technology portfolio spanning areas such as software, services, and IT infrastructure, HP is an IT company that delivers solutions for its worldwide customers’ most complex challenges.

IBM (International Business Machines Corp.
Virginia M. (Ginni) Rometty, Chairman, President & CEO

IBM, which  topped the annual list of U.S. patent recipients for the 22nd consecutive  year in 2014, is a globally integrated technology and consulting company that today is focused on five growth initiatives—cloud, big data and analytics, mobile, social business, and security.

Idera, Inc.
Randy Jacops, CEO

Providing IT performance monitoring solutions to Fortune  1,000 enterprises, government agencies, and some of the world’s largest data centers and cloud infrastructure providers, Idera helps DBAs, sysadmins, application owners, and network engineers improve the availability and performance of their IT systems.


View From the Top by Randy Jacobs, CEO, Idera

As an IT professional, you know how it goes. Keep your systems running at peak performance and no one notices or gives recognition. But as soon as something goes wrong, everyone knows your name (and your extension).

Since 2004, Idera has developed products to help database administrators (DBAs), sysadmins, and application owners to improve the health, availability and performance of their IT systems. Customers who trust our tools to manage their IT infrastructure save valuable time and resources and are freed up to add more strategic value to the business. And in a world of limited tools, tighter budgets and fewer resources, that additional time can add serious value to the bottom on.

Don DeLoach, President & CEO

Focused on enabling the rapid analysis of machine- generated data to enable better, faster business decisions, Infobright delivers a high performance analytic database platform that serves as a key underlying infrastructure for the Internet of Things.

Informatica Corp.
Sohaib Abbasi, Chairman & CEO

Informatica is a provider of enterprise data integration software and services that is relied upon by organizations around the world to help them realize their information potential and drive business imperatives.

Eli Singer, Co-Founder & CEO

With an index-based SQL engine  for big data that delivers fast analytics  on Hadoop and Amazon S3, Jethrodata seeks to give customers the scalability of Hadoop and the performance of an analytical database in one system.

Jinfonet Software
Bing Yao, CEO

Jinfonet provides the JReport product suite, a Java reporting solution that delivers customizable business intelligence to enable users to visualize and interact with their data, as well as a suite of professional services to complement its solution.

Geoff Squire, Executive Chairman

Kognitio offers a massively parallel in-memory platform that combines SQL and NoSQL, reads big data directly from existing persistence platforms such as Hadoop, DWs, and cloud, and integrates with business applications via industry standard APIs.

Kore Technologies
Ken Dickinson & Mark Dobransky, Co-Founders & Managing  Partners

Extending the enterprise through best-in-class solutions, Kore provides enterprise integration, business intelligence, and ecommerce web solutions for MultiValue and Microsoft SQL Server databases.


View from the Top by Ken Dickinson, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Kore Technologies

Imagine a world where all transactions are real-time. You go to the store, swipe your card and walk out with a new fishing rod—voilà, real-time! Not so fast—although your card may have been authorized in real-time, that transaction is batched, cleared, and funded long after you’re back home casting in the backyard. Let’s face it, the world is not real-time but asynchronous and the data is very redundant for good reason. Repudiation and reconciliation are two good reasons but more importantly for speed, or the illusion thereof. So everyone keeps a copy of your transaction in their system, then what do they do with it? Besides processing it through their main system, they want to analyze and share it with other systems too. That’s where Kore Technologies comes on.

Lavastorm Analytics
Drew Rockwell, CEO

Lavastorm provides the Lavastorm Analytics Platform, an agile data management and analytics platform to help business professionals and analysts gain data insights while IT maintains control over data governance.


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