DBTA 100 2021: The Companies That Matter Most in Data

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Accenture is a global professional services company with capabilities in digital, cloud, and security supporting organizations across more than 40 industries, powered by its network of Advanced Technology and Intelligent Operations centers.

Delivering data as a competitive advantage to thousands of organizations worldwide, Actian works to ensure that business-critical systems can analyze, transact, and connect at their best, both on-premise and in the cloud.

A provider of next-generation, real-time NoSQL data solutions for any scale, Aerospike offers a patented Hybrid Memory Architecture that delivers competitive advantage by unlocking the full potential of modern hardware to extract value from vast amounts of data.

Ahana delivers a cloud-native managed service for Presto for Amazon Web Services that simplifies the deployment, management, and integration of Presto and enables cloud and data platform teams to provide SQL analytics for their organization’s analysts and scientists.

View From the Top by Dipti Borkar, Cofounder and Chief Product Officer

Today’s data-driven organizations don’t want to manage complex infrastructure to query data that’s spread across many sources, in different formats. Read more.

Alluxio, the creator of open source data orchestration software for the cloud, delivers intelligent data tiering and data management to enable consistent high performance for customers in financial services, high tech, retail, and telecommunications.

A provider of analytic process automation, Alteryx unifies analytics, data science, and business process automation in an end-to-end platform, enabling organizations to automate processes, embed intelligent decisioning, and power their people to deliver faster, better business outcomes.

Amazon Web Services
An company, Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a widely adopted cloud platform that offers more than 200 services from data centers globally and is used by millions of customers, including startups, large enterprises, and leading government agencies.

With expertise in more than 180 languages, a global crowd of more than a million skilled contractors, and an advanced AI-assisted data annotation platform, Appen is a provider of high-quality training data for organizations that build AI systems at scale.

ASG Technologies  
ASG’s information management solutions capture, manage, govern, and enable companies to understand and support all information assets, and its IT systems management solutions ensure that the processes and infrastructure supporting that information lifecycle are performing as expected.

Allowing ITOps, DevOps, and network operations center teams to avoid manual and reactive incident-response approaches that are poorly suited for the scale, complexity, and velocity of modern IT environments, BigPanda provides a platform for event correlation and automation, powered by AIOps.

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