DBTA Announces the 2021 Database DevOps Innovation Award Winner

Fusion IT methodologies that blend previously siloed processes to speed innovation and streamline deployment are on the rise. While DevOps is perhaps the most widely recognized hybrid process, there is also DataOps, DevSecOps, ITOps, AIOps, and others.

One of the newer fusion approaches in the market is Database DevOps which focuses on the database as a key area in the quest to enable faster application releases. While DevOps principles have addressed this challenge by focusing on a combination of tools, processes, and collaboration among development and operations teams to enable more agile and integrated workflows for development, test, and deployment, the approach often does not include the database which becomes the weak link.

The need for better development/deployment processes may magnified by the greater use of public cloud deployments, experts note. Within a corporate data center protected by firewalls and managed by experienced IT staff, misconfigured or under secured servers and storage often will have no impact whatsoever. Many areas of exposure are not known and will not be known until they are migrated to cloud infrastructure.

The idea is that by combining workflows in an iterative, waterflow approach, mistakes can be caught earlier in the cycle and improvements can be made since speed is of the essence in today’s always-on environment. Although still nascent, Database DevOps is on the rise.

In its “2021 State of Database DevOps” survey, Redgate Software found that more than half of respondents, 51%, are automating some parts of their database deployment process with the main goal of increasing the speed of delivery but only 22% are able to do continuous delivery for all database projects. The greatest challenge in integrating database changes into the DevOps process are synchronizing app and database changes and keeping up with the speed of applications, according to the survey. In addition, meeting security or compliance concerns; preserving and protecting business critical data; and overcoming different approaches to application and database development were also cited as key concerns.

To spotlight the movement to bring DevOps practices to the database world, Database Trends and Applications presents the second annual Database DevOps Award.

After evaluating submissions in this competition, there was one clear winner that stood out for its ability to address Database DevOps challenges today: Bancolombia S.A.

In this special online report, DBTA showcases Bancolombia's Database DevOps goals, processes, and ultimate outcome. We invite you to explore how this innovator leveraged Database DevOps approaches.