Datameer Provides Big Data Analytics Software in Dell’s Emerging Solutions Ecosystem

Big data analytics provider Datameer has announced that its technology is now integrated into Dell’s Emerging Solutions Ecosystem, which offers complementary hardware, software, and services in a pre-packaged bundle. Datameer’s data integration, analytics, and visualization solution is delivered as part of the Dell Apache Hadoop Solution.

Built with Dell infrastructure, Datameer analytics technology is offered on top of Cloudera’s distribution of Apache Hadoop. The software is well suited to organizations that need to make quick decisions based on structured and unstructured data, such as financial services, retail, telecommunications, and Web 2.0 companies. “The advantage to the end user is they can buy all of this from one source, it’s all integrated together, it runs seamlessly, and it’s an easy solution for people to purchase and use,” Joe Nicholson, Datameer’s vice president of marketing and business development, tells DBTA.

Datameer’s flexibility, scalability, and low costs allow business users to perform data analysis on-demand with a simple and easy to use solution with end-user functionality. Instead of implementing infrastructure and software from disparate vendors, Dell has brought together a single solution that customers can use right away. “It’s much easier for somebody to buy the whole package and they can get started virtually right away,” Nicholson states.

The Dell Apache Hadoop solution is available now, sold exclusively through Dell. Go here to learn more.