Dell Advances Hadoop-Focused Analytics with Kitenga 2.0

Dell Software is rolling out the latest version of its Kitenga Analytics solution, which extends the analysis of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data stored in Hadoop. Kitenga was acquired by Dell along with Quest Software in September 2012.

Dell has two goals with Kitenga, notes Joanna Schloss, product marketing manager for Information Management Software at Dell. Recognizing that there is a dearth of data scientists in the world, one goal is to make it easier for DBAs and IT staff members who are in charge of managing Hadoop clusters by providing wrappers around MapReduce code and creating libraries of MapReduce jobs.  A second goal with Kitenga is to help information be shared broadly with easily consumable visualizations, and to support users in separating the signal from noise. The new release continues the emphasis on the bifurcated target audience – Hadoop managers as well as consumers of big data analytics, notes Schloss.

Kitenga Analytics 2.0 adds new search, indexing and sentiment analysis functionality to help organizations better understand and analyze information that combines both unstructured and structured data.

Specifically, the new release adds new support for Predictive Modeling Markup Language (PMML) which provides predictive insight into the meaning and trends associated with unstructured and structured data to improve operational agility and performance management. By combining search and analytics in a single, unified environment, Kitenga Analytics aims to help organizations to more efficiently process all data—information residing in traditional relational databases and Hadoop clusters, including documents, texts, CRM systems, log files, Twitter feeds, and Facebook posts—and provides context and analysis.

Kitenga Analytics 2.0 also provides greater support for NLP (Natural Language Processing) and support for the new version of the Cloudera Distribution Including Apache Hadoop, says Schloss.

For more information about Dell Information Management Software, which will be generally available by the end of this month, go here.