EMC Qualifies Attunity File Replication and Transfer Solutions for EMC Greenplum Hadoop

EMC Greenplum has qualified Attunity RepliWeb for Enterprise File Replication (EFR) and Attunity Managed File Transfer (MFT) with EMC Greenplum Hadoop (HD). Attunity RepliWeb for EFR and Attunity MFT are high-performance, easy-to-use solutions for automating, managing and accelerating the process of making data available for big data analytics with Hadoop. According to Attunity, the products, launched earlier this year, are the first and only solutions currently qualified by EMC for Greenplum HD.

Hadoop, the open source programming framework for large-scale data processing, has emerged as one of the leading solutions for big data analytics across unstructured data, but according to the companies, the movement of big data into Hadoop is a major challenge due to the large amounts of unstructured and machine-generated data that companies generate daily from various, disparate sources. The Attunity EFR and MFT solutions are intended to help enterprises that want to take advantage of analytics on big data to better support decision-making and thereby improve their competitive position.

“Greenplum has come into the marketplace by storm and has had a strong vision of being data-independent or data-agnostic. They want to make sure that their analytic platform can handle both structured and unstructured data  and this aligns very well with Attunity’s mission statement of any data, any time, anywhere. Attunity brings together the ability to move data of any kind rapidly from any source to any target and in this case we are talking about bringing unstructured data to and potentially out of the Greenplum Hadoop appliance,” Matt Benati, vice president of Global Marketing at Attunity, tells DBTA.

“We have done a lot of business together since our first announcement a couple of months ago. We have rapidly hit the market together and have a lot of joint customers at this point. With our certification with EMC Greenplum Hadoop solution, it just provides yet another layer on which other companies go to market.”

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