Emerging from Stealth Mode, Datical Unveils New Database Change Management Solution

Datical, Inc. has emerged from stealth mode and introduced Datical DB which uses a patent-pending, data model approach for automating, simplifying and managing database schema change, configuration and complex dependencies as part of the application release process. Datical DB is based on Liquibase, an open source schema change project.

According to the vendor, Datical DB provides the advantage of eliminating manual change scripting and the errors that can result with automatic script authoring.  The solution works within existing application release processes, using existing tools – versioning, archiving, managing and executing database changes “with” application code as it evolves through the application lifecycle.

With Datical DB, developers, DBAs, DevOps, release and operations teams can forecast the impact of schema change in production environments before they deploy. The solution provides a graphical user interface and wizards for creating a model of schema from an existing database which can be simultaneously migrated to any environment and database such as Oracle, DB2, MySQL, SQL Server, and Postgres.

Additional key features of the new solution include the ability to provide an audit rail of database schema changes, and visibility into schema differences between environments as well as the ability roll back automatically or manually.

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