Kognitio and Xtremeinsights Announce Big Data, Hadoop Partnership

Big data and cloud analytics vendor Kognitio has partnered with Xtremeinsights, a provider of solutions for leveraging Hadoop in existing data management systems. Together, the partners aim to deliver software and integration technologies to businesses that want to leverage the Hadoop platform and gain actionable insights from their big data.

Using its in-memory analytical platform, Kognitio speeds up the analysis of data from Hadoop clusters, enabling ad hoc, real-time analytics at a significantly lower cost. “Xtremeinsights can build the underlying infrastructure so that your business users can do ad hoc analysis on ridiculous amounts of data and get answers in real-time,” Michael Hiskey, Kognitio’s vice president of marketing and business development, tells DBTA.

By driving actionable insights from its customer’s data, Xtremeinsights has helped firms gain competitive advantage. “There’s a whole bunch of mid-market companies that are small companies with a big data problem, and Xtremeinsights is really keen on delivering to that market,” Hiskey explains. With the combination of Kognitio analytics and Xtremeinsights, businesses of all sizes can take advantage of Hadoop technology to leverage their data and improve business insight and decision-making.

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