MarkLogic Partners with Tableau to Deliver Analytics and Visualization of Unstructured Big Data

Enterprise NoSQL database provider MarkLogic Corporation has partnered with business intelligence vendor Tableau Software to offer analytics and visualization over unstructured big data. The partnership allows business users to leverage Tableau’s business intelligence and reporting solutions to access disparate data sets of structured and unstructured data house in a MarkLogic NoSQL database.

MarkLogic 6 enables users to quickly and easily build reliable, scalable and secure big data search and analytics applications. Featuring full-text search, real-time alerting, and other analytic capabilities, it offers real-time performance and scalability over structured and unstructured big data.

The new integration provides users with interactive analytics dashboards of all their data in real time, improving business decision-making. “Not only can you build rich, sophisticated applications, but you can also make use of that data where it is, and have business users connect to that data, visualize it, and do analytics over it, without involving the development center,” Stephen Buxton, MarkLogic’s director of product management, tells DBTA. In addition, the vendors say, using MarkLogic and Tableau together requires no additional training or custom integration and users can employ existing report templates. IT infrastructure is also simplified, as users can store, manage, and query all their data in MarkLogic and create visualizations directly on that data.

“The big value proposition is opening up access to that data to more people and letting more people have all the benefits of the analytic capability that’s in the database,” Dan Jewett, Tableau’s vice president of product management, explains. Via an industry-standard SQL API over ODBC, MarkLogic’s data and analytics are made available to Tableau. It is available now by downloading MarkLogic and the ODBC connector at and Tableau Desktop at Visit and to learn more.