Marking 20th Anniversary of ODBC, Progress DataDirect Launches "Platinum" ODBC Drivers

Progress Software Corporation has unveiled its Platinum ODBC drivers, Progress DataDirect Connect for ODBC 7.0.  The standards-based, fully interoperable Progress DataDirect Connect for ODBC 7.0 driver allows application developers to reliably exchange data between cloud data and disparate data sources.

Using ODBC, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary in the marketplace this year, application developers can develop, compile, and ship applications without targeting specific database management systems or using embedded SQL, eliminating the need to recompile the application for each new environment. 

"When our technology collaboration created ODBC in 1992, few of us could have realized how integral the API would be for today's enterprise," says John Goodson, senior vice president of products at Progress Software, and a co-founder of the ODBC standard "Twenty years later, developers still leverage ODBC's independent, maximum interoperability to tackle critical business challenges, including big data, cloud computing and mobile computing. As they have for the past two decades, Progress DataDirect Connect for ODBC drivers provide the crucial interface between application and database, giving enterprises secure, reliable business-level visibility and real-time access to information across disparate systems."

The Progress DataDirect Connect for ODBC 7.0 drivers commemorate the 20th anniversary of ODBC with features including:

  • Extended Database Support - Full support forSalesforce CRM and Database.comcloud databases, Sybase IQ, and Progress OpenEdge application development platform.
  • Expanded Bulk Load Support - Increased performance and flexibility of Progress DataDirect Bulk Load, including enhanced streaming in ODBC. Faster bulk operation performance can be applied across a range of scenarios than before.
  • Enhanced Enterprise - Quality Driver Logging-Complete runtime pictures of driver/database interactions through fully tuneable connection options gives developers the ability to resolve technical issues quickly and minimize production impact of troubleshooting. Memory buffers capture information rather than writing straight to disk, minimizing the impact to the performance of the runtime environment and translating to faster resolution times for technical issues and more uptime in production.
  • Increased Breadth of Support - Progress continues to be a leader in both the breadth and depth coverage of databases, database features, and application platforms. DataDirect Connectfor ODBC7.0 drivers expand this coverage even further, delivering enterprise quality ODBC access to even more application configurations than before.
  • Outstanding Performance - Progress DataDirect Connect drivers outperform competitive drivers in throughput, CPU efficiency, and memory footprint; resulting in faster response times, more scalable applications and less hardware needed to support application deployment.

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