MySQL Community Comes Together at Percona Live Conference in NYC

Percona Live 2012, a MySQL conference, was held in New York City. With nearly 300 attendees participating, the first day of the event featured tutorials with in-depth presentations on specific topics, while the second day focused on conference sessions. Also new at Percona Live this year was an exhibit hall for MySQL ecosystem participants to put their products on display and network with potential customers. Sponsors included Clustrix, Continuent, ScaleArc, Nimbus Data, Fusion-io, Tokutek, Codership, Couchbase, Akiban, Ospero, ParElastic, SkySQL, ScaleBase, and New Relic.

The opening keynote address on the second day was delivered by Peter Zaitsev, CEO of Percona, who spoke about the MySQL ecosystem in 2012. This was followed by Continuent’s CEO Robert Hodges, who focused on MySQL in future data processing systems and Continuent’s replication technologies, as well as Clayton Cole of Clustrix, who spoke about breakthrough scaling of Ruby on Rails with MySQL, and announced a partnership with Blue Box to provide Clustrix in the Cloud. 

“People see our event as this true open ground where they can come and market their products and are welcomed to do so,” Zaitsev explained, emphasizing  that Percona Live features information on other products as well as MySQL practitioners. “Facebook is speaking here about how they use MySQL, Paypal is sharing their stories, as is Verizon,” he said.

Trends in the MySQL ecosystem include the use of cloud, Flash, and integration with other solutions. Percona Live 2012 featured a number of talks on the cloud, as well as Flash participants such as Fusion-io and Nimbus Data. The conference was intended to expose people to the MySQL ecosystem more broadly and allow them to share their experiences in this space. “A lot of companies now, more than before, use MySQL together with other solutions, such as MongoDB, Hadoop, and Cassandra,” Zaitsev said.

Percona Live’s next two-day event will be held in London, December 3-4.   In addition, a four-day conference will be held in Santa Clara, Calif., in April 2013. For more information, visit