New MongoDB Certification Now Available for Developers and DBAs

MongoDB has announced a certification program for developers and DBAs, in which it will certify the knowledge of concepts and mechanics, including practical skills required to build applications backed by the NoSQL database. MongoDB certification offers DBAs and developers a new means to prove expertise on MongoDB and will also  help assure organizations  hire and develop qualified professionals.

MongoDB will first offer the Associate MongoDB Certified Developer exam beginning December 3 and then add Professional and Master MongoDB Certified Developer exams in the coming year. The exams will be administered online through the MongoDBUniversity platform to ensure worldwide accessibility. Certificates will include a unique license number that can be verified through MongoDBUniversity's website.

"The launch of MongoDB certification is a response to the widespread adoption of our NoSQL database and the increasing importance employers are placing on MongoDB expertise," said Andrew Erlichson, vice president, education and cloud services at MongoDB. "Our rigorous, hands-on exam helps developers and DBAs build their careers, while providing organizations with a trusted indicator that potential employees have the right skillset to deliver on projects in this competitive industry."

While completing courses offered by MongoDBUniversity will prepare individuals for the exams, certification is separate from MongoDBUniversity coursework and is open to everyone, recognizing that many individuals will have acquired their knowledge of MongoDB by other means.

In addition, MongoDB also continues to expand MongoDB University with an in-browser MongoDB web shell that allows students to interactively test Mongo Query language against cloud-based MongoDB servers, without requiring students to download MongoDB on their personal computer; Support for French and German in 2014, in addition to English and Japanese; and advanced training options, including a new online course, "M202: MongoDB Advanced Deployment," that will be available in early 2014, and “MongoDB Advanced Operations Training," a two-day, hands-on training program for operations staff and DBAs who already have experience with MongoDB.

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