Precise 9.5 Fixes Virtualization Problems Hurting Application Performance

Application performance management (APM) software provider Precise has announced the availability of Precise 9.5, a major product release designed to help organizations deliver a better experience for customers using their cloud and mobile applications.  Precise 9.5 rapidly detects and analyzes application problems resulting from server and storage virtualization resource contention, and also addresses the challenge of managing mobile traffic growth.

Major nhancements in the new release focus on three key themes, all with the common goal of identifying and resolving potential problems before they can affect the customer experience or cause an outage, Sherman Wood, vice president of product at Precise, tells DBTA.

In the area of virtualization, Precise 9.5 provides detailed tracking of application tracking through VMware environments, says Wood. Busy virtual machines competing for the same physical CPU and memory can cause resource contention problems, resulting in serious performance degradations.  This type of performance problem is the hardest to spot as it tends to come and go quickly, making it difficult to reproduce and correct later.  Precise 9.5 solves this problem by discovering and mapping relationships between virtual machines and their physical hosts in real time, and correlating their behavior to end-user actions. This allows IT to manage the virtual infrastructure based on business priorities, ensuring that critical applications receive adequate resources

In addition, Precise 9.5 also addresses contention issues within tiered storage, tracking transactions through physical and virtual layers to discover resource conflicts, notes Wood. While automated storage tiering technologies that move data around without user intervention save time they also  make it difficult for IT managers to know where application data resides and whether a slowdown is the result of data moving to slower storage devices or something else.  Precise 9.5 maps storage patterns and contention issues as they occur and recommends ways to fix storage virtual pools problems quickly.

And in the area of mobility, Precise 9.5 tracks every click from a mobile user and monitors activity as it flows from the mobile device through the application tiers to database and storage.  Precise provides dashboard visualizations of hotspots and trends and correlates performance with parameters such as the device’s location, user and time of day.  This allows IT to make informed decisions regarding mobile performance tuning. Support is currently available for Android and iOS support is planned for the future, says Wood.

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