Product Spotlight: Cisco Information Server 7.0

Peter Tran
Peter Tran,
Data Virtualization Product Marketing Lead 

Cisco Information Server 7.0

It is perhaps overstated, but nonetheless true, that Big Data, Cloud, and the Internet of Everything are changing the business world. With these big changes come even bigger challenges for companies in dealing with data and analytics. These challenges are especially acute as data is more distributed and scattered than ever before.

The latest release of our data virtualization software, Cisco Information Server (CIS) 7.0, is designed to address many of these data challenges. Unlike any other product in its class, CIS 7.0 makes great strides in bringing the business user into the mix. Users apply familiar search and categorization techniques to quickly find the data they’re looking for, and then use their business intelligence (BI) tool of choice to query it. The result is far faster time to insight which translates to better business outcomes sooner.

A second major component of CIS 7.0 is the Deployment Manager, which simplifies management of CIS deployments, large and small. Deployment Manager automates the transfer views, data services, caches, policies and more, across multiple CIS instances. Accelerating deployments, while minimizing risks, CIS 7.0 adds value to the business and reduces the cost of IT administration.

Yet another significant addition is CIS 7.0’s Data Source Software Development Kit (SDK), which accelerates data adapter development. Using Data Source SDK, Cisco Services teams, system integrators and customers can build high-performance data virtualization adapters for emerging and industry-specific data sources quickly and in a way that leverages Cisco development best practices and market-leading query optimization techniques.

With every new release, Cisco enhances performance and security capabilities. These improvements keep our products on the leading edge and help our customers manage their big data challenges.