Product Spotlight: Qubole Data Service

Gil Allouche
Gil Allouche,
Vice President of Marketing

Qubole Data Service

Qubole Data Service (QDS) is a BDaas solution available on Amazon Web Services, Google Computer Engine and Microsoft Azure. This solution’s powerful features, along with access to Qubole’s seasoned Hadoop experts, remove roadblocks associated with on-premise Hadoop Here are some of the advantages of QDS:

On-Demand Elastic Clusters—Qubole runs on an elastic Hadoop-based cluster that scales up or down to meet big data processing requirements. Nodes are automatically added to clusters to accommodate more data and to provide better performance and are removed when they are no longer needed.

Integrated Big Data Solution—Qubole includes “Everything as a Service”… MapReduce, Hive, Pig, Oozie, Sqoop, Spark, and Presto. It also comes with connectors for data integration and tools for cluster management and creating data pipelines and queries to provide a complete BDaaS solution.

Agile Platform—Qubole takes care of managing nodes, setting up clusters and scaling your infrastructure. Users have the ability to deploy and manage a single-node cluster or a cluster with thousands of nodes with the same ease of use.

Flexible Infrastructure—Unlike on-premise Hadoop implementations that impose hard limits on storage capacity and performance, QDS can quickly spin up new virtual servers in the cloud and offers access to unlimited storage space.

Less Complex Operations—QDS helps organizations accelerate their time to value by dramatically simplifying Hadoop cluster configuration and management, adding data sources and running queries.

Lower TCO—Without expensive on-site hardware or IT support, Qubole delivers a great price-to-performance ratio by automatically incorporating spot instances that can cost up to 90% less than on-demand instances in Hadoop clusters. In addition, organizations reap huge savings on data storage by using low-priced cloud

Qubole Data Service