Product Spotlight: Violin Memory Concerto 7000

Eric Herzog
Eric Herzog,
CMO & Senior Vice President, Alliances

Violin Memory
Violin Memory Concerto 7000

The Concerto 7000 All Flash Array, an industry first, combines performance and density under a dual-everything Flash Fabric Architecture™ with comprehensive data protection, efficiency and business continuity services. In the Concerto 7000, users can access 500,000 IOPS at consistent sub-millisecond latencies and mirroring, synchronous replication, remote asynchronous replication, encryption for data in-flight, clones, snapshots, and thin provisioning.

  • Concerto 7000 provides continuous data protection which enables restoration of data to any point in time to provide complete flexibility when recovering from any kind of outage.
  • The Concerto 7000 offers HA in a stretch cluster. A special link between Concerto nodes continuously synchronizes I/O and metadata between the pair of Concerto 7000s.
  • Concerto 7000 delivers async replication between data centers and uses WAN-optimized deduplication, compression and encryption at the application and file system layers. Concerto maps, identifies, and transmits only unique blocks, reducing network traffic by as much as 95%.
  • Concerto does LUN-level data mirroring and easily synchronizes to a second storage device independent of the servers.

Robust data services have long been available on HDDbased arrays: Concerto 7000 makes that same comprehensive suite of data protection, efficiency, scale and continuity services available on an All Flash Array. Performance, density and data services are available from a single vendor on a single platform.

Management includes an easy to use GUI interface to provision and manage the enterprise data services across up to four shelves of the Concerto 7000, including remote data services.

Violin Memory