Product Spotlight: AgilData

Dan Lyn

Dan Lynn, 


AgilData offers software solutions, services and expertise in developing and implementing highly scalable real-time streaming data pipeline solutions for analytics and business critical workloads. We are the first to bake Agile methodology directly into our developer tools to help organizations transform development practices to excellence increas¬ing their ability to innovate faster.

AgilData’s solutions accelerate each stage of the application lifecycle by visualizing data pipelines creating new context for development extracting only high value data from your key business processes. AgilData offers a seamlessly-integrated best-of-breed solution for big data problems like streaming analytics, data pipeline orchestration, and batch processing. AgilData unifies proven open source technologies with a seamless developer and operations experience. Customers hire us to shorten their development cycles, reduce their ops load, and leverage their existing data assets to build new value streams.

AgilData is fundamentally based on a distributed commit log and works on a cluster of commodity servers, resiliently scaling horizontally while performing schema updates in real-time for On Demand feature adaptation. It also does:

  • Real-time sub-second response times 
  • SQL for defining data in the pipeline, with advanced execution planning and operational visualization 
  • DevOps friendly and Docker-ized containers and interfaces with integrated artifact management 
  • Simplifies deploying code into clusters with 100% continuity 
  •  Data structure versioning for managing data versions directly within the data system 
  •  Acts as a distributed database and a distributed stream processing engine for in-database processing 

An Agile Big Data Infrastructure must be Simple, Scalable, Streaming and most importantly, must be SQL.