Product Spotlight: Appfluent Visibility

Santosh Chitakki, Vice President, Products
Santosh Chitakki
Vice President, Products

Appfluent Visibility

Companies are rapidly running out of space in their data warehouses. Odds are, most organizations have far less capacity available than they think. Their last upgrade should have provided enough space for at least two years. However, with the rapid growth of Big Data, that’s not often the case.

This reality leaves many IT executives with a problem whose resolution can cost unplanned millions. However, the challenge can be met with a far less expensive solution… Appfluent Visibility.

Appfluent transforms the economics of managing Big Data in the enterprise. Companies like Pfizer, Union Bank and other large enterprises modernize their data warehouses at huge savings. Appfluent is the only company that completely analyzes how data is used to optimize performance and reduce costs.

Appfluent identifies the data and transformations that can be offloaded from the data warehouse without impact. The solution provides the very best means to extend existing capacity of data warehouse systems without additional investment. Data ripe for offload can move to less expensive storage such as Hadoop, which is priced at one-tenth of the typical legacy cost-per-terabyte.

Companies that have already moved to Hadoop can benefit as well. Appfluent Visibility for Hadoop is the only product in the market that provides unprecedented insight into Hive SQL and its resulting impact on Hadoop job performance. It delivers detailed insight into the user activity related to Hive including the SQL statements, their performance and the data sets being used in Hadoop.

Appfluent gives enterprises the information needed to slash rising data warehouse costs and proactively manage business intelligence and data warehouse systems.