Product Spotlight: Attunity

SantoshChitakkiSantosh Chitakki,
Director of Product Marketing


Successful enterprise data management is critical to the success of growing organizations across the globe. After all, line-of-business owners want the right information at the right place and at the right time, in order to extract value from it as quickly as possible. However, due to the complexity of the IT environment and growing demands from business users, it is often difficult for IT teams to support high-performance analytics in a timely manner at a reasonable cost.

IT professionals need solutions that enable them to shine a light on enterprise data usage analytics. This kind of insight can provide actionable information on which data is used throughout the enterprise, by which departments, and how often, so that guesswork is removed from the decision about which data should be placed where, and what department should be charged back for its use.

Attunity Visibility provides the best-in-class data usage analytics for enterprise data warehouse optimization and management. Using the solution, organizations can get unprecedented insight into business activity, data usage and workload performance across various data warehousing and Hadoop platforms.

Attunity Visibility helps organizations:

  1. Gain insight into business activity 
  2. Analyze data usage 
  3. Assess and manage workload performance 
  4. Rebalance data and workloads to Hadoop 

Attunity Visibility provides the robust intelligence required to run an enterprise data warehousing environment effectively and efficiently. Enterprise customers that use the solution can reduce costs, improve performance and justify investments.

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