Product Spotlight: Attunity

AttunityItamar Ankorion,

Attunity Visibility for Hadoop

Hadoop has quickly advanced from being part of an experimentation phase with a growing number of enterprises to now being used widely in production to drive strategic analytics. Managing and monitoring these live Hadoop Data Lakes has become more challenging as these systems continue to increase in scale, driving demand for new technologies to integrate, manage and process multi-sourced data.

As a result, customers need accurate and detailed information to support their data management practices such as capacity planning, which has become critical to meeting
business needs while controlling costs.

New Attunity Visibility for Hadoop now provides comprehensive analytics that empower enterprises to understand and measure Hadoop data and storage usage, enabling more accurate capacity planning, optimized cost performance, and ensuring requirements can be met for data governance and compliance. These expanded capabilities include analytics across storage levels in the Hadoop File System (HDFS), as well as Hadoop data processing engines such as MapReduce, Tez, Hive and Cloudera Impala. Using Attunity Visibility, organizations can:

  1. Assess and manage workload performance
  2. Gain insight into business and departmental activity
  3. Analyze data usage for capacity planning & resource allocation
  4. Rebalance data and workloads to Hadoop

Attunity Visibility provides a single innovative and unified platform with robust intelligence to run hybrid data warehousing and Hadoop environments effectively and efficiently. Enterprise customers that use the solution can reduce costs, support compliance initiatives, improve performance and justify investments.

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