Product Spotlight: Bradmark Technologies, Inc.

BradBradley Tashenberg, 
Founder & CEO

Bradmark Technologies, Inc.


Organizations running critical business applications usually require the deployment of more than one database to support their end user environment. This means supporting multiple DBMSs. It also means having an IT staff that has knowledge in those particular DBMSs, as well as the tools to support IT’s efforts in each DBMS. This creates the challenge of selecting essential tools for each, or finding a single tool that supports all the DBMSs.

Achieve Optimum Visibility Across Your Database and Server Enterprise

Bradmark’s Surveillance DB™ for enterprise environments provides the most comprehensive, cross-functional monitoring capabilities across SAP-Sybase, MS-SQL Server, Oracle and DB2 databases running on UNIX, Linux and Windows servers.

Surveillance DB™ enables IT professionals to maximize system performance and ensure that databases are available for business applications. A client, server-based toolset, its core functions consist of real-time monitoring, unattended alert management, historical data analysis and reporting. Surveillance automates the tasks of collecting, correlating and displaying performance and availability metrics throughout the database infrastructure. IT professionals can also set powerful event management thresholds for proactive alarm notification, diagnostics and determine the root-cause of system problems, and assist in capacity planning or support service-level reports.

Complementing the database modules, Surveillance OS™ monitors multiple variants of UNIX, Linux and Windows operating systems, and is a highly flexible resource for monitoring one or more servers that can be configured to minimize overhead for greater reliability.

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