Product Spotlight: Cirro Next Generation Data Federation

Mark Thiessen, CEO
Mark Thiessen, CEO


Seamless access for data analysis across heterogeneous data sources represents ‘the holy grail’ within mainstream enterprises. Designed for Big Data processing and performance at scale, Cirro is a revolutionary approach to bridging corporate analytic data silos. Hadoop and NoSQL data sources along with access of SaaS data sources are rapidly becoming a high priority requirement to integrate with traditional corporate analytic data sources. Cirro’s Next Generation Data Federation platform delivers on this requirement providing a single point-of-access for Hadoop, NoSQL, SaaS, relational and other data sources. Cirro enables users to access all of their data sources with the BI and visualization tools they already have on their desktops. Seamlessly incorporating cloud-based data sources with traditional data sources enables self-service data exploration and analysis previously unavailable in the marketplace.

Advantages of the Cirro platform for data federation include:

  • Designed and built with Big data in mind
  • Runs in the cloud, private cloud or the data center
  • Does not require the labor intensive effort of creating and maintaining a semantic layer
  • Minimizes need for new ETL processes
  • Insulates analytics from changes in underlying data sources
  • Supports production, ad hoc or data exploration and discovery requirements
  • Leverages existing BI and data visualization product investments
  • Rapid application prototyping.