Product Spotlight: Cisco Data Virtualization

Mike Flannagan General Manager, Integration Brokerage Technology Group
Mike Flannagan
General Manager
Integration Brokerage
Technology Group

Composite Software

As the sponsor of Cisco’s acquisition of Composite Software, I am often asked about expected synergies from combining the leaders in data virtualization and networking. While I cannot divulge all our secrets, analyst firm EMA was prescient in their recent report entitled “Data Virtualization Meets the Network.”

The Changing Nature of Data Management Drives Data Virtualization
It is clear that big data and the cloud have created a data environment more complex and distributed than ever. This environment is a perfect fit for data virtualization. EMA concurs, stating, “As more platforms are utilized and data is more diverse and geographically separated, data virtualization becomes a solution that’s critical.”

Data Virtualization Plus Networking = Speed and Scale
But distributed data also increases the importance of networking, especially for data in the cloud. According to EMA, “As data virtualization has matured to meet these new demands, the networks sitting at either end of the data virtualization technology, have become the bottlenecks to speed and scale. Data virtualization platforms must rely upon query optimization along relatively fixed network paths to enable the transmission of this data.”
EMA goes on to add, “The acquisition of Composite Software is a wise move for Cisco as it combines the functionality of data virtualization and Cisco’s ability to understand the network as well as enact change within it to allow data virtualization to be executed at an even higher level than previous technologies allowed.”

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