Product Spotlight: ClearDB

ClearDBMichael Russo,
DBaaS Product Manager


In today’s digital economy, success often comes down to how quickly businesses can develop and deploy new applications, or expand existing datastores. Yet 80 percent of developers and IT professionals agree that database provisioning and maintenance are major bottlenecks to innovation. A database can take days or weeks to provision or upgrade, keeping application owners waiting, and is a constant drain on business resources and IT assets. That’s where ClearDB comes in. Our native, cloud-based database-as-a-service saves time, expense and frustration, accelerating the application development process and freeing DBAs to focus on less mundane tasks. With ClearDB, there’s now a better and faster way to provision, manage and scale applications, breaking the database logjam.

ClearDB’s database-as-a-service solution can provision a database instantly, anywhere in the world, any time. It eliminates the need for ongoing care of the database, letting DBAs spend more time on tasks like tuning and efficiency, which can give applications a competitive edge. ClearDB enables application and business owners to make faster decisions with their data assets, and it also allows migration of MySQL applications to the cloud with no interruptions to business applications. That adds up to a more productive, agile and efficient application process.

ClearDB delivers non-stop access and availability thanks to true multi-regional read/write mirroring, and offers advanced security features to keep your data secure in the cloud. Over 200,000 developers, DBAs and IT professionals trust ClearDB so they can focus on their applications, freeing up resources to innovate.