Product Spotlight: Cloudant Sync

Sara Strope
Sara Strope,
Marketing Director

Cloudant, an IBM Company IBM® CLOUDANT
Cloudant Sync

IBM Cloudant is the world’s first globally distributed database-as-a-service (DBaaS) designed to ensure that the flow of data between an application and its database remains uninterrupted and highly performing.

Companies of all sizes use Cloudant DBaaS to manage data for Web and mobile apps in e-commerce, online education, gaming, financial services, telecom, and other industries. Cloudant technology frees developers from the mechanics of infrastructure- and data-management so they can focus on creating great applications.

Cloudant uses Apache CouchDB™ as its core storage engine. As such, it is best suited for applications with well-known data access patterns that require a durable and highly available persistence layer for handling a massively concurrent mix of low-latency reads and writes.
A global data delivery network

Cloudant uses public infrastructure and customers’ own private data centers to create a global data delivery network that enables applications to scale larger and remain available to users wherever they are. Data movement lies at the heart of Cloudant’s system, and the applications built on top of it. Its data replication and synchronization technology allows developers to put copies of their data closer to where applications need it most, for continuous data availability and offline app usage for mobile or remote users.

Cloudant is a document-oriented database and stores data using JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) syntax, making it ideal for managing variably-structured data. The service also offers advanced indexing for geospatial data, full-text search, and near-real-time analytics.
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Cloudant, an IBM Company