Product Spotlight: Compuware

CompuwareMark Schettenhelm,
Product Manager


As the repository of the world’s most valuable business-critical applications and data, the mainframe is the industry’s premier platform for mission-critical workloads. To handle the vast amounts of new digital business driving mainframe activity, enterprises
must continuously improve those applications and data.

However, traditional mainframe processes and tools severely hamper companies’ abilities to deliver new products and services quickly. If companies are to keep pace, they must adopt Agile processes and equip their mainframe-inexperienced staff with familiar tools that enable faster delivery of mainframe code. In addition, tools must enable understanding of complex code and the impact of code changes.

Compuware ISPW is the only modern, flexible source code management (SCM) and release automation tool that helps staff quickly and safely build and deploy mainframe code. Integration with Compuware Topaz provides seamless access to application visualization capabilities that enable even inexperienced developers to quickly analyze complex code.

ISPW includes:

  • Immediate visualization of code change impacts
  • Integrations with ITSM tools and XebiaLabs XL Release for cross-platform release management
  • Access to Compuware Topaz Workbench, an Eclipse-based IDE that makes development tasks such as sourcecode editing and job submission easier
  • Cross-platform DevOps and Continuous Release capabilities using REST APIs
  • Easy code change approvals with a mobile interface
  • Automated deployment with easy rollback

ISPW enables parallel development and automated deployment with complete visibility over all versions of code to ensure continuous integration, helping enterprises bring the mainframe into their DevOps strategy and improving their ability to compete in digital markets.