Product Spotlight: DBI Software

Scott HayesScott Hayes, President & Founder

DBI Software

Automated Index Benefit Analysis
The crown jewel of this release is a DBI innovation called “Index Benefit Analysis.” DBI pureFeat takes the recommended index output from IBM program “db2advis” and adds enormous value by detailing how much benefit is derived from each recommended index individually along with how much value is lost if an index isn’t created as part of the solution set. When “db2advis” recommends multiple indexes, DBI’s Index Benefit Analysis is absolutely invaluable because DBAs can instantly tell which indexes are the most important! And, surprisingly, sometimes we see that some “db2advis” recommended indexes can actually be harmful to workload performance!

As amazing as these new functions are, they represent just a few of several improvements in pureFeat V6.2. At pureFeat’s heart are patented, award-winning technologies that allow users to pinpoint root-cause problems in about 15 seconds, solve them in an hour or less, and save clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in CPU’s, memory, licenses, consulting fees, and wasted time.

Many Customer Suggested Enhancements
The DBI tools are developed by DBAs for DBAs and based on many years of real-world experience. In pureFeat 6.2, the majority of new features originated from customer suggestions and usability feedback. Visit www.dbisoftware .com/pureFeat-62-DB2-LUW-Performance-Tools.php to learn more about these powerful new features inspired by customers.

The 15 Second Challenge
We invite you to take the completely free DBI 15-Second Challenge. In 15 seconds or less, DBI will help you assess if database performance problems exist, where, and their severity.

To take “The 15-Second Challenge,” visit www.dbisoft or call 1-512-249-2324 ext. 101.

DBI Software