Product Spotlight: DataDirect Cloud

Dion Picco, Product Manager
Dion Picco
Product Manager

Progress DataDirect

Business intelligence initiatives, real-time dashboards, and improved reporting are on everyone’s radar. Unfortunately, data is more dispersed than ever before, increasingly distributed in the various SaaS applications that a business relies upon. This makes the challenge of implementing these initiatives far more difficult than in the ‘good ole days,’ where one could simply connect the tools directly to a database. SaaS data is not open and accessible in a standard way. Instead, it is exposed via APIs (program¬ming interfaces) that require custom coding and expensive integration projects just to connect the pieces together.

Progress Software’s DataDirect Cloud changes the game, allowing SaaS data to be accessible just like a regular relational database. The power of DataDirect Cloud lies with its support for industry standards. SQL, ODBC, and JDBC are standards that virtually all BI tools, dashboards, and even application platforms support. By exposing data using these standards, DataDirect Cloud brings compatibility and instant connectivity between data tools and data sources.

DataDirect Cloud supports on-premise data access, too. That means that all data can be consistently accessed through a single interface. That simplifies the implementation, and downstream management and maintenance.

If you are trying to connect tools such as Tableau, Qlikview, or Cognos to applications such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, or Hubspot, then DataDirect Cloud is the answer. No coding is required. Simply go online to, sign up for a free account, and try it for yourself.