Product Spotlight: Database Plugin Server

Steve Guilford, Founder & President
Steve Guilford
Founder & President

Database Plugins
Database Plugin Server

Database Plugins is pleased to have its keystone product, the Database Plugin Server, selected as a trend-setting application for 2013 by DBTA. The Database Plugin Server has certainly fostered a continuing line of innovative products.

Significantly, it has spawned a set of framework tools and products that enable the seamless integration of multimedia data and the Oracle Database. Database Plugins provides the most secure environment for the storing, streaming, transcoding, editing and rendering of multimedia content to and from the Oracle database. This is done without having to rely upon traditional files, directories or file-systems. All of the content is stored securely in the database!

These features preclude one from inappropriately accessing critical multimedia data by merely copying files and directories to a thumb drive—an occurrence we are all too familiar with from today’s news. The value proposition is simple: If your multimedia data is important enough to protect it from walking out the door, you should contact Database Plugins.
Multimedia was the first area where we applied the advanced capabilities of the Database Plugin Server. The result is a tightly integrated, intuitive, featurerich and efficient framework for multimedia processing. Other areas where we envision the Database Plugin Server being able to make a difference include automated manufacturing, telecommunications, complex M2M and sensor data analysis, and advanced device control systems. If you find this intriguing, we welcome you to contact us and look forward to discussing the unbounded capabilities of the Database Plugin Server.