Product Spotlight: Datavail

DatavailChristian Screen,
VP and Practice Director, Oracle Analytics


For years, users of Oracle’s OBIEE, OBIA, and Hyperion products have struggled to find a way to streamline communication when discussing data justifications for month-end close, and day-to-day analysis. Dashboard reports exported to Excel spreadsheets result in long and cumbersome email threads, writeback solutions are ineffective, and in-person meetings are time-consuming.

Finance and IT executives and their teams need a better to way to communicate within the Oracle solution so that data and reports can be directly referenced within the platform and conversations can take place without deviation from the data—all while keeping context and point-of-view.

Enter Datavail’s BITeamwork™. BITeamwork is a collaborative business intelligence (BI) plugin offering dashboard commenting, cell annotations, commenting, voting, and social integration right inside OBIEE for any type of data including Hyperion financial data. It allows data-based conversations between end-users, IT team members, managers, partners, and executives to take place without ever leaving the analytics platform.
Within BITeamwork, users can:

  • Leave comments on dashboards and report cells
  • Tag or call-out specific individuals or groups
  • Aggregate comments and justifications for board book
  • reporting
  • Vote or like comments
  • Reply to comments
  • View comments in context and point-of-view

Datavail’s BITeamwork allows anyone involved in Business Intelligence—from IT to the CEO—to use data to build the kind of stories that lead to actionable insights. With data justifications and commentary accessible to everyone, organizations can leverage the perspectives of many users along with critical information at any point in time to streamline the analytics process and speed up the move towards business innovation and change.

To download BITeamwork, please visit or call us at 866-600-2995.